Success and Failure

I often feel challenged to write. As a principal, my days are filled with students and teachers learning and growing together. And it’s busy! But, one of my goals is to be a writer and this is an area where I know I need to grow. I am taking a step, a leap really. I’m putting on my cape. I’ve been a member of Chris Brogan’s Brave New Year group for some time. If you haven’t heard of it, you can check it out here. (You should join. No, really.)

I’ve met some interesting people in this group and I’m learning a lot about success and failure. In school we spend a great deal of time working toward success, yet we speak little to failure. I recently spoke with Drew Marshall at Primed Associates about why teaching students what failure looks like and feels like is important. Don’t get me wrong, success in school is the ultimate goal. But where do we teach students how to be resilient? To persevere?

And I’ve been asking myself since that interview how often I allow myself to fail and learn from that failure. How about you? What’s your resilience factor?


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