Think.Innovate.Educate. was founded by Wanda Hopkins McClure. Think. Innovate. Educate. brings thoughts on education, technology, and innovation to converge into a dialogue about change in education. One of the co-founders of EdCamp Atlanta, Wanda is a proven catalyst for innovative leadership with over 10 years in executive management in non-profit and educational sectors. Her experience in education has included classroom teacher, campus leader, curriculum specialist and consultant for private and independent schools in the southeastern region of the United States.

Wanda’s interests include educational reform, innovation, change, and social justice. She has served on several boards for non-profits including an initiative that launched Care Points in Africa for AIDS orphans. Wanda is a regular “innocat” on Innochat, a top Forbes tweet chat about innovation. Wanda has recently been appointed the Elementary Director at Amana Academy, an Expeditionary Learning charter school in the metro Atlanta area.  All blog posts reflect the personal opinions of the authors.


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