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Creativity – Having Wonderful Ideas

No doubt you’ve probably watched Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED talk on creativity in education by now.  With over 4 million views, this is likely one, if not the, most watched TED Talk. Why? Why does the topic of creativity continue to be such a hot topic? As Sir Ken Robinson says, creativity is our future. He defines creativity as, “The process of having original ideas that have value”.

Tonight’s Twitter chat will explore the topic with four guiding questions:

1. How do you define creativity?

2.How do you create an environment at your school or organization where the skills needed to learn creativity are fostered?

3. What processes/structures can be put into place to foster creativity? Which processes/structures at your school or organization need to be re-structured or eliminated?

4. Does the use of exemplars/models diminish a student’s original creative thought? Or does it support the creative process?

Adobe recently launched a series on creativity with Sir Ken. Here’s a peek: 

See you tonight at 8 PM EST on Twitter. #edchatel

Transcript is posted in Storify. Click here: EdChatEL: Creativity 


EdCamp Atlanta

Did you hear the news? EdCamp is coming to Atlanta! I’m so excited about the possibilities of this ‘unconference”. You might be wondering what an “edcamp” is – so was I a few weeks ago. I happened to be participating in another chat on Twitter, #ecosys, run by great folks including Chris Jones. The discussion was centered on systems reform in education and opinions were flying! (I love a lively discussion!) As it turned out, I later started following some very knowledgeable people from #Edchat  and #Edcamp based on that discussion. Now I knew what #edchat was (if you don’t, check it out here), but I had not heard of “edcamp” before. So I began researching and found this fantastic group of people who are passionate about education and innovation in education!

Edcamps are designed by educators for educators. They are participant driven – no predetermined sessions. Very organic, very innovative, and very lively! Imagine wanting to go to an education conference and it being totally free. Sounds like my kind of people. Check out EdCamp Atlanta’s website for more information. Many thanks to the EdCamp Foundation, Dan Callahan, and Mike Ritzius for the help and support in getting EdCamp Atlanta moving in the right direction! More posts to come as EdCamp Atlanta grows!

Square One

Square one. It’s where everything begins. My goal in writing this blog is to bring my thoughts about education, creativity, innovation, and technology together in one place. A convergence of thought. It’s raw, rough around the edges, unrefined. The header is deliberately blurry. It will come into focus with the evolution of the blog itself as thoughts, ideas, and innovations present themselves. Ideas will become clearer, concise, and coherent. Stay tuned…