Innochat and the Innocats

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to guest on the lively chat, Innochat. Innochat is a Tweet chat that recently won acclaim from Forbes magazine as a top chat to follow on Twitter. The topic for the chat? Infusing education with disruption.

You can view the archive of the chat itself on the Innochat website. I always learn something new from the Innocats and this time was no exception. Check out the archive.


Square One

Square one. It’s where everything begins. My goal in writing this blog is to bring my thoughts about education, creativity, innovation, and technology together in one place. A convergence of thought. It’s raw, rough around the edges, unrefined. The header is deliberately blurry. It will come into focus with the evolution of the blog itself as thoughts, ideas, and innovations present themselves. Ideas will become clearer, concise, and coherent. Stay tuned…

Thoughts on innovation and leadership in education

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